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The high-end fragrance brand L’Artisan enter the social platform, how to rely on the star product " PASSAGE D'ENFER " to create the topic of the whole network?

We know that there’s no real contradiction between brand tonality and social platform characteristic. High-end brands can also provoke consumer needs in a high-quality way and allow the minority to drive the public sense of smell.

1. With the theme of "Only 1% of the people have smelled the PASSAGE D'ENFER ", we have continued to create content with hundreds of experts who are deeply involved in the fragrance vertical field in a short period of time.

2. Use the multi-dimensional KOL cooperation strategy to output high-quality notes and multi-style beautiful pictures.

3. Niche fragrance finally succeeded in conquering the public sense of smell, which made the fragrance surrounding in every social platform.

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